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Celebrating 22 Years in 2024!  4 The Light Quartet continues to share the gospel in song by mixing classic and traditional Hymns with current up-beat Southern Gospel radio favorites. They sing the songs you can sing along to. 4 The Light consists of humble guys that not only love Jesus, but also love to tell the stories behind all the wonderfully written hymns they sing, some centuries old; sharing about the writers, the times when the songs were written, and personal testimonies with a focus on the importance of the messages associated with the music. All the songs 4 The Light Quartet sings are well known, but most have been personally arranged, produced and specifically made for the group. 4 The Light Quartet is based out of central Indiana and over the last two decades have sang at churches, multiple county and state fairs, festivals, radio and television broadcast, conventions, theaters, nursing homes, living celebration of life services, birthday parties, prisons, hospitals, shopping malls, roadside during marathons, homeless shelters, shut-ins, campgrounds, and even at funerals. Whether it be in front of hundreds, or just one, the message of God's Love, encouraging others and reaching the lost does not change. 

'We love singing the old hymns, providing an uplifting message, sharing our testimonies, and the history, stories and backgrounds behind most of the traditional hymns and Southern Gospel classics we sing. Contact us at 4 The Light Quartet # 317-376-3947 or for more information."

- 4 The Light Quartet


Formed in 2002 as the Mt Comfort Men's Quartet. MCMQ's roots began by singing widely known traditional hymns either accompanied by a piano or simply a Cappella. With a new lead in 2006 and a new Baritone shortly after, the group continued as the JC Travelers. In 2014, with a new name, the 4 The Light Quartet began a journey outside of the five east Indianapolis churches that they have served regularly for over a decade spreading the word through song throughout Indiana and beyond. 4 The Light Quartet travels with full sound ready for an all-age indoor and outdoor concert or worship service. The guys of 4 The Light invite you to come to a ministry program event and experience for yourself the deep bass of Tim Clark, the lead vocals of Darvin Fenter, the rich baritone of singer/songwriter Don Paff and singer/songwriter Michael Hoyt at tenor and be ready for an evening concert or service filled with joy, laughter, foot-stomping Southern Gospel singing, heartfelt stories, uplifting testimonies, and traditional four-part harmony hymns. All in His name. 


Tim Clark, Bass

Darvin Fenter, Lead

Don Paff, Baritone

Michael Hoyt, Tenor













"The majority of our concerts are 45-75 minutes but we have sang as long as 3.5 hrs (yes, we seriously did). We have enough equipment to make a memorably full ministry indoor or outdoor day, morning service or evening concert event and if requested, we also can include a devotion, message, other musicians and guest speaking services (we have filled in for many vacationing pastors through the years). Our music sets are a mix of 'well-known' audience favorite classic hymns and classic and modern Southern Gospel songs, but since two our of current members are active songwriters, we do throw in a few original now and then. Since most of our songs are known, and we love it when the audience sings along. In an era of churches filled with modern worship music, we think it is refreshing to bring back the hymns and sing so many classic songs, so beautifully written, from generations past.  Our music selections and arrangements are personally arranged by us and recorded with hired Nashville quality musicians in our music style so that we keep our sound uniform and unique. We put a lot of work daily into ensuring our sound and message is as professional and ministry sound as possible and we so thankful to be able to share the Gospel in song for so many years."  - 4 The Light Quartet 

Past Quartet members: Rod Sanford (Lead 2002-2005), Steve Ringer (Baritone 2002-2010), Darryl Day (Lead 2006, Alt Baritone 2006-2008), Jonathan Palmer (Baritone 2011-2022) and Ron Coffman (Bass 2002-2023)

Past Piano (2002-Current): Bob Hensley, Katie Sanford, Darryl Day, Keith Wheeler, Trisha Riachard, Anjanette Wicker, Sandy Braschler, Deb Dobbins and currently Trisha Riachard

In Memoriam

4 The Light SOuthern Gospel Quartet Logo.  4 The Light Sings Old Time SOuthern Gospel Classics and Hymns in Churches Revivals Festivals and Fairs throughout Indiana.

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4 The Light Quartet has been recognized as a GigSalad  'Top Performer' in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022. 2023 & 2024


"Mike, we want to start a quartet. We want you to sing tenor", said Rod Sanford as he handed over a cassette tape one Sunday morning in 2002 at Mt Comfort United Methodist Church in Greenfield, Indiana. That Statler Brothers recording contained songs like This Old House and Turn Your Radio On which the quartet still sings today. Rod Sanford's last song with the quartet was in December 2005 at the WISG 93.9 FM 'The Song' live radio Christmas program over the Indianapolis airwaves. Rod passed in 2017 after an over decade long battle with ALS.

He was truly a man of God with a wonderful voice. Rod was the key that first brought us all together. We will sing with you again in Heaven Rod.


Rodney D. Sanford
July 10, 1954-April 1, 2017


4 The Light Quartet started as the Mt Comfort Mens Quartet from Mt Comfort United Methodist Church in Greenfield, Indiana. During our years at MCUMC, we were blessed and honored to have the opportunity to sing with and be accompanied by one of the most gifted musicians we have ever worked with. Bob Hensley was a good and faithful servant and his music was loved by so many.  

Robert 'Bob' P. Hensley

March 19, 1953-June 13, 2019


4 The Light Quartet first met Sandy Braschler in December 2014 during a sing at Park Chapel Christian Church in Greenfield, IN. She asked if we would sing our Christmas songs during a Sunday morning service at her church at the Greenfield Church of God, but at the time, all of our Christmas songs were only done with our piano play who was not available for that Sunday morning request. "I'll play for you", Sandy said, and oh how she could. For the years to follow Sandy worked with 4 The Light on piano arrangements on finishing up our 'Let The Glory Roll' album and she arranged most every song on our second album 'Victory' including coming with us to the studio and banging out notes to keep us on key. She was our friend and was loved by all. For several years through Christmas 2020, Sandy traveled with our Christmas group playing piano at holiday specials throughout central Indiana at churches, banquets, and at the annual Christmas 'Festival of Lights' celebration in New Castle, Indiana lifting up Jesus the Christ in music. We rejoice for Sandy. She surely is missed.   

Sandra 'Sandy' Braschler

April 5, 1960-September 5, 2021

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